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What does homeopathic treatment consist of?


After you leave the initial consultation, Hiro will carefully consider everything that has been discussed, and try and find a meaningful pattern of these symptoms and characteristics which he considers to be the most individual to you and most relevant in this instance. He may then also use homeopathic software to help him search through all the information available on the 3,500 + medicines, produced by homeopathic pharmacies, to find the ones most homeopathic to the pattern of symptoms he has selected. Then Hiro must choose only one of these that he considers the most appropriate at the time, and sometimes he may wish to ask you a few more questions either by telephone or in person, before making his eventual selection. Consequently, It may take several days, and occasionally even longer, before the remedy is dispatched. The ‘remedy’ will be either in a form of pills or a bottle of liquid. Detailed instructions of how to take the medication will be included in the package which will be sent to you after the consultation.

Do I need to discontinue my medicine from the doctor?


No. Homeopathy can often work alongside any orthodox medication and other treatments. However, some medications can be safely reduced or discontinued, in agreement with your prescribing doctor or other health professional, if you are also comfortable about this, when this is appropriate. If you have any further questions about this before commencing your course of treatment email or phone Hiro to speak to him about your particular case.

Will I receive many remedies to take?


Hiro will prescribe a single ‘remedy’ which closely matches the disturbance at a time. The remedy could be in a form of a pill or a bottle of liquid. The dosage (how many and how often) depends on the individual and instructions will be given to each individual.

How long do I need to be treated?


Duration of the treatment varies depending on each individual case. Long standing chronic problems are very unlikely to disappear overnight and will often need several consultations, and possibly other different homeopathic medicines during your course of treatment to complete a cure. You may not necessarily always be prescribed more of your homeopathic medicine at every follow-up session if Hiro assesses that improvements are still taking place. Some people consult a homeopath not only to address their current concerns but also to prevent illness arising and to strengthen their constitutions or those of their children. Others use homeopathy to avoid reliance on antibiotics, as many of the bacteria they are used to treat are becoming antibiotic resistant, and a few use homeopathy to avoid the unpleasant individual reactions they have to particular antibiotics.

"Those who merely study and treat the effects of disease are like persons who imagine that they can drive the winter away by brushing the snow from the door. It is not the snow which causes the winter, but the winter is the cause of the snow."

- Paracelsus