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What happens in the consultation?


Coming to see a homeopath is a somewhat different experience from seeing a GP. Not only is the consultation a lot longer but the focus of the consultation is different. A homeopathic consultation is a conversation between you and your homeopath. Your homeopath follows a systematic, thorough and detailed case-taking process to try to uncover the root cause of your health / life problems and how they manifest as your symptoms. Your homeopath is not there to judge you for what you say or for who you are, but merely to understand your pattern of symptoms, and what makes you unique and different from others physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. It is best for you to be frank and share what you really feel, and what you experience deep within you. It may sometimes take more than one consultation before your homeopath can decide what to give you for the first prescription. The ‘remedy’ prescribed for you is decided completely individual to you.

First consultation


This is an opportunity for you to talk in detail about all the reasons you are seeking some homeopathic help. The first consultation can take about 2 hours for an adult and up to 1½ hours for a child, depending on age and other factors. The homeopathic ‘remedy’ will be selected not on the basis of a simple assortment of symptoms but on a much wider holistic assessment including the person's constitution, medical and life history, emotional and mental make up and many other factors.

Follow up consultations


The follow up consultations take up to 1hour for an adult and perhaps 45 minutes for a child.

Where can I see Hiro for a consultation

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'It's far more important to know what person the disease has than what disease the person has.'